PCW4000 Gas-Powered Winch
PCW4000 Gas-Powered Winch
PCW4000 Gas-Powered Winch
PCW4000 Gas-Powered Winch
PCW4000 Gas-Powered Winch
PCW4000 Gas-Powered Winch

PCW4000 Gas-Powered Winch

Features the GX50 engine by Honda, an all-position engine. This winch also stands out by providing perfect control over the movement of a load with the quick release automatic anti rollback mechanism.

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Rapid Fire Info

  • Designed in 2020
  • Warranty: 5 years (See details)
  • Powered by Honda GX50 4-stroke - 360° inclinable - Air-cooled - 1.47 kW - 2.0 HP @ 7000 tr/min
  • Unleaded gasoline, 86 octane or higher
  • Centrifugal clutch
  • Features the anti-rollback mechanism to retain the rope*
  • Drum size: 76 mm
  • Recommended rope diameter: 10 mm
  • What's included with the winch: an 2,5 m round sling (PCA-1350)
  • Not designed for lifting!

For the complete specification sheet, see under Additional Information section below.

*Note: the ARM rope grabbing system cannot be installed on our other pulling winches. The main reason is that the PCW3000-Li, PCW3000, PCW5000 and PCW5000-HS winches do not have a centrifugal clutch, which is an essential component of the system on the PCW4000. 

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The PCW4000 develops a remarkable pulling force of 1,000 kg without mechanical advantage.

By adding a pulley system, you can go up to five times (5x) the pulling force. That means, with two double pulleys, you could pull up to 5,000 kg.

Design & Features

We are proud to partner again with Honda on this model featuring the Honda GX50 4-stroke 360° inclinable engine. Among its numerous characteristics, note the smooth performance, proven reliability, emissions compliant, and ease of start-up, of operation and maintenance

Featuring a centrifugal clutch that activates when you pull the rope and anti-rollback mechanism (ARM), the PCW4000 is the safest winch of its line.

When the rope is released, the drum stops spinning and the ARM does its job by holding the load in position! To disengage the rope from the mechanism, a simple lateral movement is all it takes!

The last born

We have listened to our users community to fulfill another need! After more than a year of hard work, this model of winch came in our PRO line. It allows users to control and hold a load flawlessly while winching. Easy to secure and easy to disengage.