Tree-Mount Winch Anchoring System
Tree-Mount Winch Anchoring System
Tree-Mount Winch Anchoring System
Tree-Mount Winch Anchoring System
Tree-Mount Winch Anchoring System

Tree-Mount Winch Anchoring System


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This anchoring device is easy to install by firmly tightening the 3 m belt using the ratchet mechanism. The winch can then be positioned at a comfortable work position, by attaching its hooks into the square openings of the anchoring's swivel plate. This will also allow the winch to automatically align with the load!

For winches PCW3000-Li, PCW3000, PCW4000, PCW5000 and PCW5000-HS.


Will fit trees or poles from 30 to 91 cm in diameter
Comes with a 50 mm x 3 m strap
Material : Zinc plated steel
Weight : 3.65 kg
Dimensions : 49 cm x 17 cm x 14 cm


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Anchoring systems for trees and poles

1 min 10 sec

   PCA-1260 - Polyester sling

1 min 15 sec

   PCA-1263 - Tree-mount winch anchoring system with rubber pads

1 min 37 sec

   PCA-1268 - Winch support plate

3 min 31 sec

   PCA-1264 (PCA-2264- Vertical pull winch supports. Products modified since.

4 min 26 sec

   PCA-1269 - Tree-mount winch anchoring system

6 min 50 sec

Anchoring systems for vehicles

8 min

   PCA-1267/PCA-1501 - Hitch square tubing

8 min 13 sec

   PCA-1266 - Heck Pack anchoring system with adaptor for 50 mm tow ball

8 min 30 sec

   PCA-1268 - Winch support plate

8 min 45 sec

   PCA-1264 (PCA-2264) - Vertical pull winch supports. Products modified since.

9 min 35 sec

   PCA-1261 - Hitch plate for towing balls

11 min 34 sec



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