Shipping policy

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The only other country where we ship online orders is the United States. However, in order to do so, you have to process your order through www.portablewinch.com. Note that prices on that site will be in US Dollars.

If you are living in another country, we invite you to go to www.portablewinch.info to find your local website. If your country is not listed, please call +1 819 563-2193 or email our sales department at sales@portablewinch.com

Once your order is processed, your tracking number will be emailed to you. You will then be able to check the status of your order. If you are unable to locate your order, please call (toll free) 1-888-388-7855 or email our sales department at sales@portablewinch.com.

Refer to the flat rates by clicking here.

It depends. In the event that a product is backorder, you will be contacted by our salespeople prior to shipping. You will be asked if you wish to receive partial shipment or wait for complete shipment. If you chose to get partial shipment, then yes, you will be charged a second time for the backordered item(s).

It depends on the item. Product deliveries are sometimes delayed for reasons out of our control. We are constantly monitoring our stock levels and continuously receiving shipments at our warehouse to fulfill your orders in the shortest delays.

The first thing to do is to check your junk mail. The emails being automatically generated sometimes end up there. If you are unable to locate our confirmation email, please call (toll free) 1-888-388-7855 or email our sales department at sales@portablewinch.com.

Our business hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., EST, with the exception of Canada’s public holidays.

Please refer to our Return Policy by clicking here.



Use gasoline without ethanol;

A filled tank means no condensation;

Air, and therefore space, in an unfilled tank will create condensation, especially in seasons with good temperature variations.

If the winch is not started for an extended period (more than 3 months), this can become problematic;

It's not a bad idea to put stabilizer in gasoline;

When stopping the winch, let the engine run, close the fuel valve and let it burn;

Once done, pull on the starter rope to close the valves (until you feel resistance);

If the exhaust valve is open, air from outside enters the engine, which can cause condensation and rusting of the pistons, which can prevent winch from restarting;

See the Honda engine manual for more details;

Tip: When you fill your tank at the pump, it is a good idea to run the first liter in your vehicle, which ensures to empty the gas of the previous customer...